Dianne works in a client-centred way so that your individual needs are the focus of any session.

Some life experiences leave us feeling overwhelmed, afraid, directionless or alone. Problems and feelings can be talked about and worked through in a way that empowers you to find answers at your own pace. Different approaches might be used to increase awareness and when behaviours and emotions keep repeating, the deeper causes can be explored in a safe and manageable way. Resolving at the source brings permanent change and freedom. Life becomes more enjoyable, choices open up and we are less affected by outside circumstances.
Your privacy is valued when we work closely together so confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Dianne’s diverse background enables a range of modalities:
  • Counselling – talking about problems with a view to reaching solutions
  • Psychotherapy – exploring deeper causes to facilitate lasting changes
  • Meditation and Relaxation – to relieve stress, regulate emotions and improve sleep
  • Bush Flower Essences – an adjunct to modalities above

Dianne is a holistic therapist who sees you as a multi-faceted human being. She works with the physical, psychological and spiritual aspect of human nature and recognizes presenting difficulties can be due to disturbances on any of these levels.